The People's Court
This is Your Life

At Ralph Edwards Productions (REP), we think quality entertainment never goes out of style.  We should know – we’ve produced some of the longest-running shows in history.  A legendary leader in radio, television, syndication and alternate media, REP has been ahead of the trend for more than 65 years, combining experience with expertise to create new and enduring forms of entertainment that form an indelible bond with audiences of all eras.

Today, REP offers a comprehensive roster of services, from licensing to production to syndication – in all types of media.  Our technology is the latest, but our philosophy is the same as it was in 1940 – to connect, entertain, inspire and involve.  From Truth or Consequences and This Is Your Life to Name That Tune and The People’s Court, REP shows are an expression of our shared humanity.  That’s what the REP brand of entertainment is all about - not just yesterday or today, but for years of tomorrows.

REP is one of the oldest and most respected names in the entertainment industry.

Ralph Edwards Productions (REP) has an impressive library of award-winning programs. REP's iconic brands still resonate with modern audiences, offering exciting opportunities to tap their proven entertainment value in an ever-expanding universe of media formats and distribution channels. Pairing the popular audience participation format with interactive gaming, mobile and downloadable on-demand content, accessible via an array of digital media, REP can bring vintage TV series to totally new platforms, expanding reach to new core markets.

REP landmark properties currently available for licensing include:

  • It Could Be You
  • This Is Your Life
  • Truth Or Consequences

For more information on licensing these, or other, entertainment properties, please contact us.

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The People's Court
This Is Your Life
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